Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tanvi Naidu

One of the Oldest Business on Internet Just Got Sold to A Norwegian Firm for $9 Billion

The eCommerce platform sold its classified ads business for $9.2 billion to a Norwegian company known as Adevinta. Adevinta will provide eBay with $2.5 Billion in Cash and 540 million Adevinta Shares. eBay will still have exposure to the classified ads business and also generate cash from it.

China Warns UK, Says UK Will ‘Bear The Consequences’ for Decision Over Hong Kong

China has warned UK and said that it has to bear the consequences if it continues to keep its stance over suspension of extradition treaty with Hong Kong. Both UK and China have had disagreeable thoughts over the new security law for Hong Kong dating back to 1997 under Chinese rule.

Mark Zuckerberg Goes Surfing with Too Much Sunscreen, Internet Turns Him into Memes

Well, Mark Zuckerberg is in news again, but this time it’s not about his company Facebook or about his Richie rich status. This time Mark Zuckerberg is seen surfing with loads of sunscreen on his face and people remembered Batman’s villain, Joker.

Personal Assistant Arrested for Decapitating New York Tech CEO Fahim Salem

Fahim Salem, 33, co-founder of the Nigerian motorcycle ride-sharing service Gokada was found dead in his apartment two days after the killing. Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, used to be Fahim Salem’s executive assistant. His duties included handling Saleh’s finances and personal business. He is charged with second-degree murder in the horrifying incident of brutally killing Fahim Saleh.

Under Massive Bitcoin Scam, High Profile Twitter Accounts Like Obama, Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates Get Hacked

Under a massive cyber attack on Verified accounts of Twitter, hackers posted posts related to bitcoins and scammed many people. On Wednesday all of a sudden, the most powerful twitter accounts started posting about Bitcoins. Eventually, a lot of verified accounts (blue tick) of twitter have fallen been made victim carry out this scam.

Donald Trump Suspends Hong Kong’s Special Status with US to Punish China

President Donald Trump signed legislation to impose an order to end Hong Kong’s special status with the US since China had taken away Hong Kong’s Freedom after it imposed a new security law. Trump has been accusing Beijing of the coronavirus pandemic and criticizing it’s handling of Hong Kong, which led to the signing of this legislation.

Richard Branson, The Man Behind The Virgin Group

A British business Conglomerate, Richard Branson owns more than 400 companies in various fields known as the Virgin Group. With a net worth of almost US $4.1 billion, Richard Branson wanted to become an entrepreneur right from a young age. Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways is close to unveiling a £1.2 Billion rescue package that will restore thousands of British aviation jobs. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group will contribute £200 Million in cash and Davidson Kempner, a hedge fund will lend the company £170 Million.

Bollywood Actor, Amitabh Bachchan & Family Tests Positive for Coronavirus

With a career span of almost five decades and 200 movies in his bucket every person in the Bollywood industry admires him and looks forward to admiration from him. On June 11th, Saturday night Amitabh himself tweeted on twitter regarding him being tested corona positive and requesting people who have come in his close proximity to get themselves isolated and tested for coronavirus.

WHO Warns; Coronavirus Cases Doubles in Last Six Weeks, Count Rises to 12 Million

The total count of confirmed infections since it first started in China has crossed 12 million cases worldwide. The World Health Organization warns that the coronavirus pandemic has still not reached its peak and with the lockdown measures being eased for international travel the chances of its transmission are further possible.

7 Reasons Why Your Materialistic Needs Supress Your Actual Needs

We all have at some point in life bought things that will be needed in the future and when that future arrives, we placed that thing somewhere so safe and we are not able to either find the place or the thing. So, we eventually buy its replacement or find an alternative to the task. Just because you have money and an urge to buy a thing doesn’t mean you actually need it. It’s just like piling things up that will take a special place in your closet or cupboard that you are completely going to forget.

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